Birth Series

When I was pregnant with my 3rd child I took a series of pictures of my pregnant silhouette against the window with my husband’s Pentax camera. When those images were finally developed I could see what it was I did and if I liked it or hated it.

I loved it. Then a friend gave me his old Nikon digital camera that ate AA batteries by the boxload and I was sprung.

Being in the advertising and design industry, my husband always had old hardcover volumes of stock photography filled with creative drama and ideas that the agencies were recycling and no longer needed. Sixteen years later I still have many of those iconic books that I grew up admiring, in my bookshelves.

But I didn’t really get into photography until I needed it. Around 2005 I was looking for some photography I could get for free or minimal for a first aid website I was running. One of my husband’s colleagues asked me if I had heard of this huge free-stock photography website called Stock Xchange that was built upon regular people who submitted photos for use. A brilliant man of the name Peter Hamza built it from the ground up into the largest free stock agency in the world before pursuing the build of his newest stock agency, Stock Fresh … but I digress. I browsed the website and immediately I thought, “Wow. I could do this. I know how to do this. Can I do this?

I knew what designers wanted. I knew what they needed. I understood the basics of conceptual design, because I browsed so much of it for years. I started shooting pictures and learning from other photographers how to achieve more out of my 3.4 Megapixel camera until I got my first Canon DSLR.

From there, it was a snowball effect. I applied to be an admin at SXC which was a volunteer position, and spent time approving and rejecting shots as well as honing my Photoshop skills. I also submitted my work to other stock agencies where I made some money in residuals to help support my hobby. I graduated to birth photography and weddings as well as emotives.

I love what I do, and my passion is families birth and babies. So much, that I have 8 children of my own.

I love the adventure and relationship I’ve developed with my photography and I continue to grow each year with new equipment, techniques, and partnerships with other creatives coming into my life.

Pregnant Jyn

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